Danny Green 17 Points/5 Threes Full Highlights (6/9/2013)

The voice of Gregg Popovich emanated from beneath a druid cloak. “Let the ceremony commence.”

Danny Green, strapped to the center of a rough-hewn wooden platform, wasn’t exactly sure what was going on. Was this what they always did to their newly signed players? Was the pentagram really necessary? Why was a sick purple light emanating from the ceiling of the otherwise perfectly-dark room? “Coach, is this really such a great-”

Popovich cut him off with the raising of his hand. “Silence. After the ascendancy, you will thank us. Now, I will incant the ancient words. Stay still, Danny. It works better if you just lie there and don’t struggle.” He raised his hands to the heavens.

“Steve Kerr invoco facie benedicat, et dirige munus ludius. Da ei facultatem ut sagíttent in tres indicibusque stupenda recipis.” A deep groaning resonated from the walls of the chamber and the purplish light began to pulsate. Danny started getting a little scared.

Popovich continued the incantation. “San Antonio efflagitat vestris cultu ductu, sancto. Ut rursus cum NBA finales nostri coetus complent munus histriones est nostrum tantum metam.”

The walls began to shake. Danny Green struggled to free himself, but he was held fast to the ritual slab. There were gibbering noises coming from all around. Suddenly, he felt an unknown force enter his body. It traveled up and down his limbs, leaving behind a chilling cold. He closed his eyes and waited for the torment to complete.

When he finally opened his eyes, he was lying on one of the bed-type-things in the training center. Harsh fluorescent light caused him to squint. He looked around, and caught sight of coach Popovich sitting in a chair, reading a magazine. “Man, coach, I just had the craziest dream…”

Popovich got up and patted Danny on the shoulder. “That’s all it was, Danny. A dream. No more and no less. Now get up and go practice. You may notice that your three-point stroke is improved.”

Then Danny noticed the black druid’s cloak pooled underneath the recently-vacated chair. “Coach, what-”

Popovich again held up his hand. “Shh. No questions now. When we make it back to the finals in a year or two, I think then you will find those answers that you seek.”

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