Andre Drummond 14 Points Full Highlights (12/18/2013)

Why are the Pistons so bad at defense this year? With Monroe, Drummond, and Smith on the court they are horrific. Is it because Drummond is still learning the game, Monroe doesn’t give a crap, and Smith is overrated on that end? Probably.

I kind of expected the struggles on offense, though. Drummond is a good player but all he can do is finish at the rim. The honeymoon is almost over, and if he doesn’t add even a spectre sort of midrange game he will be limited. He’s not Shaq, who could just overpower everybody and never shoot outside the paint. He should aspire to be more than a DeAndre Jordan (who everyone hates even though they’re basically the same).

Oh wait, he dunked it! OMG next great big man!

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