Serge Ibaka 26 Points/5 Blocks Full Highlights (2/7/2013)

Serge Ibaka has a lot of nicknames, but all of them are really stupid. Any person who utters the phrase “Serge Iblocka” is pretty much announcing to the world “I have no creativity or passion for life.” But it’s going to be okay, friends, because I have a new nickname for Ibaka that will knock your isockas off:

Dirge Ibaka.

You might not know exactly what a dirge is. I, again, have the answer! A dirge is a somber piece of music performed in memorial to a dead person. This is appropriate for Ibaka because, what is life but the endless march towards death? One could say that, in fact, life would not exist without death. Ibaka is just another person walking this road towards demise, thus the nickname “Dirge”.

I’m going to try to wedge this new, daring nickname into popular usage, but it’ll be faster if you guys chip in too. However, I would understand if you are too overcome with your own mortality to do anything but lie in bed for the rest of your life.

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