Bradley Beal Career High 37 Points Full Highlights (2/11/2014)

After years of bungled draft picks and wasted assets, the Wizards are finally starting to resemble a decent team. Given that it’s been “their year” for like half a decade I’d say it’s about time. John Wall is looking somewhat like the superstar point guard he was supposed to be. Nene and Gortat bring veteran leadership. Ariza learned to shoot. Vesely still sucks, but you can’t win them all.

And Beal has been shooting the ball nicely, at least from three. His game inside the arc isn’t as nice. But he’s young, there’s tons of time for him to improve aspects of his game. He’s not the most exciting player in the world but he fits in well with what the Wizards have going on. And who needs inside scoring from your guard when you have a bunch of bigs who can’t really shoot?

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