Jeff Withey Career High 17 Points Full Highlights (4/9/2014)

Anthony Davis has back spasms. Alexis Ajinca’s conditioning is still really bad. Jeff Withey has been playing decently. What could possibly be stopping him from starting?

Greg Stiemsma.

I don’t get it. Stiemsma is definitely a prototypical center, but he has no upside anymore, if he had any ever. He just kind of is. Doesn’t do anything on offense. I guess he must anchor the defense or whatever.

Jeff Withey is about as unpolished of a scorer as the Stiemer, but has potential. Potential is an important thing, and the Pelicans should try and tease any actual results they can out of him before the season ends and everyone goes back home and eats donuts for a few months. It can’t hurt to start him. The favorite thing to say on the internet about a bigman prospect is “if he was given the minutes he could be a double-double kind of guy”. No reason that guy shouldn’t be Jeff Withey.

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