Devin Harris 19 Points/5 Assists Full Highlights (4/20/2014)

While March Madness was going on I saw a list of all the current NBA players from the schools in the Final Four. Three of the schools had tons of NBA alumni. The fourth, Wisconsin, had three. Jon Leuer, Greg Stiemsma, and Devin Harris. Way to represent, guys!

It’s kind of weird to think about now, but at one point Devin Harris was an All-Star, back in 08-09 with the not-Brooklyn Nets (with 9 free throws attempted per game, how the hell did that happen). That was his only year where he wasn’t just a guy. He’ll go down in history (or not go down in history, as the case may be) as one of the most anonymous All-Stars ever. Are you ever gonna think to yourself “Remember how much of a beast Devin Harris was, damn he was on another level as a player.”? No.

He’s had a poor year for Dallas after getting his big contract taken away. You’d think that would have the opposite affect, but injuries have taken their toll on him.

Which is why I was super-duper excited while the Mavs were winning this afternoon. Devin Harris leading the underdog Mavs to victory on a hostile court? You could make multiple 30-for-30’s out of that. Multiple. My hopes and the hopes of many were dashed as the Mavs self-imploded in the 4th and lost. Monta Ellis did not have it all.

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