Gerald Green All 57 Dunks Full Highlights (2013-14 Season Dunkilation)

If Gerald Green dunks it this hard in the NBA, imagine how hard he was dunking during the two years he spent in glorious Russia. Nothing against the guys in the Russian league, I’m sure they ball their hearts out every night, but they probably were no match for Gerald Green’s superhuman jamming prowess. In their defense, they almost certainly are able to consume more vodka than Gerald, so it’s a wash in the end.

I would try to make a dunkilation out of those two seasons overseas but the sites were I could potentially download those games always give me viruses. Not only that, but Windows changed its default language to Russian and I don’t know enough Russian to change it back. Worse even than that, I’m pretty sure I’m under surveillance by the Russian mafia, my own computer turned against me by some kind of highly-advanced, murderously insidious malware.

I’m scared here guys. A van just pulled up in front of my house. The guys getting out of it don’t look very friendly. Somebody send help.

All clips property of the NBA. No copyright infri-stop! Stop! Please don’t shoot! Please!!!!! Denizens of YouTube, Tell Veronica that I love her, that I always loved h-

Это сообщение от русской мафии. DownToBuck мертв. Отныне, Вадим будет делать основные моменты. Если вы инакомыслие, вы будете рядом.

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