Alexey Shved 18 Points/5 Assists 76ers Debut Full Highlights (10/29/2014)

Alexey Shved was not a great player last year for the Timberwolves. And when I say “not great” I mean “quite awful, as if he had been navigating the seedy drug underworld of Yakutsk during timeouts”.

Despite not building on the semi-successes of his rookie year, there was some optimism for him coming into this season, hidden in the dark recesses of the internet. “How could this be, DownToBuck, when the only bright side of his career is that he’s not dead of Krokodil-inflicted injuries?” you ask in bewilderment.

The answer is clear. He now plays for the Philadelphia 76ers! What better place to regain confidence than somewhere where winning is actively discouraged and unlimited shots can be chucked? He might average 15 a game this year, no joke. Who else is going to score the ball?

Well, technically no one needs to score the ball. Someone tell Hinkie.

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