Evan Fournier 21 Points Full Highlights (10/30/2014)

Evan Fournier is a great fit for what the Magic are trying to do, which is, I assume, to collect as many young, talented players as they can while avoiding any who might become an All-Star some day.

That’s exactly what Fournier is. He’s a pretty good player, and easy to like as a foreigner with weird hair. Is he anything special? No. Is anyone who comprises the supposed “core” of the Magic anything special? No. Just a bunch of good players without any way of becoming more than the sum of talent.

He had an excellent game tonight, maybe a little light on assists, yet it ended the same way most Magic games have ended in recent years: with a loss. Dwight should pull a LeBron and return to Orlando; he’d make them an excellent team and despite the fanbase’s past vitriol toward him they would forget it all if it meant even just one winning season.

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