Isaiah Thomas 23 Points Full Highlights (10/31/2014)

Isaiah Thomas browsed Kickstarter without much direction. He liked the concept of the site; but why did there have to be so much infeasible crap on it? It seemed every project he backed went up in flames within a month.

He scrolled quickly through the “fashion” section, as usual. Nothing but ugly clothes for uglier people. This time, though, something caught his eye. Quickly scrolling back up he clicked on the link: “Equality Shoes”. The description read:

“Height-based discrimination, while not receiving as much attention as other forms, is nevertheless a very real problem in today’s fast-paced society. It has been proven that persons of shorter stature earn hundreds of thousands dollars less than their taller counterparts over the course of their careers. And don’t forget about the social aspects of shortness: unfounded perceptions of weakness and infertility abound.

No longer! With Equality Shoes, the world no longer has to live under the dreadful scepter of height differences, freeing us from at least one form of prejudice. The concept is simple: buy a complete set, calculate the maximum individual height of a particular social or professional event, and wear the corresponding shoes that increase you to that maximum. Equality Shoes will be available in many trendy styles so that your friends and coworkers will not even notice a difference!”

Isaiah was nodding his head vigorously and murmuring his assent as he read. He clicked the “Back this project” button without hesitation, eager to fund the entirety of the $100,000 goal.

“It will be so great to finally be an equal to my teammates.” he thought. “No longer will those hot-shot power-forwards and centers draw all the attention of the honeys at the club. They will be forced to respect for who I really am: a damn fine basketball player”.

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