P.J. Hairston 16 Points Full Highlights (2/10/2015)

Wow, I just looked up PJ Hairston’s stats for the season, and I stopped wondering why I haven’t done many highlights of him so far. He’s sucking! And blowing! 32% from the field is seriously bad, so bad that I feel he should be catching more flak. Austin Rivers does this and we probably get a half-hour special on ESPN about why he sucks so bad. Instead, silence.

Hornets fans are likely already aware of this. On a team lacking ball-in-hole options, a theoretical shot-happy scorer would be a boon. Hairston could still be that guy, he’s definitely got the “shot-happy” part down, but he’s not there yet. In fact, I’m gonna break out the term that I have shelved for the most part, lest I face the anger of internet commentators.

That’s right. PJ Hairston, you a Busta.

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