Andrew Wiggins 20 Points Full Highlights (2/20/2015)

It took a while, but Andrew Wiggins has finally lost his P-Card. It’s a similar concept to the V-Card, except instead of sexual encounters it involves totally postering the crap out of people.

We all knew he could do this. How could he not, when he has such freakish athleticism? It was only a matter of time before some poor schmuck got in his way as he stuffed the ball through the hoop.

In addition to his first posterization, he converted a season-defining clutch basket with 17 seconds left, putting his team up by three. It wasn’t exactly a “game-winner”, since the Timberwolves weren’t losing at the time, but it was still good to see. Normally I would expect a Kevin Martin iso; the coaching staff must feel more confident than ever about Wiggins’ abilities, and are willing to let him take clutch-time shots.

At least until Kevin Garnett starts playing for them again.

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