Andre Drummond 18 Points/1 Jumper Full Highlights (2/22/2015)

Andre Drummond seems like the forgotten man this year. After all the frenzied excitement over his potential the last two years, no one talks about him anymore (or watches his highlights, which is all I care about). What gives?

Oh yeah. Some guy named “Hassan Whiteside”. Wow. I’m so excited.

Andre Drummond’s shooting percentages may be down (that’s what he gets for trying to please ungrateful NBA fans), but his raw stats are as good as ever, and somehow he has improved his rebounding. He’s leading the league in offensive rebounds, AGAIN. What more do you guys want? Post moves? He’s got post moves now! Free throws? A work in progress. Jumpers? Check out this first clip in this vid and you will witness a bona fide Curry-esque net-swishing J.

That’s cool. You can go watch your Whiteside and Noel vids. I’ll be here when you’re ready for a real center.

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