Andrew Wiggins 30 Points Full Highlights (2/23/2015)

Happy 20th birthday Andrew Wiggins! You are now, officially, a “young adult”, a highly sought after distinction. You still can’t drink booze legally, but you can, uh, score 30 points in an NBA game? That doesn’t seem right.

And what a 20th birthday it was! Breaking Michael Beasley’s record for most 20th birthday points (a record long thought unbreakable) is surely the greatest gift anyone could ask for.

Greater, even, than this final plane ride back to Minneapolis without Kevin Garnett starting unblinkingly at everyone the whole time and just in general making things really awkward. Can you imagine being teammates with someone who has been in the NBA the whole time you’ve been alive? Jesus. What would you even say to a guy like that? “Oh, hey Kevin, just thinking about how you’ve been playing basketball since before I was even a thought in Momma’s head. No big deal.”


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