Andrea Bargnani 25 Points Full Highlights (2/27/2015)

Is this what Andrea Bargnani played like when he was with Toronto? Minus the rebounds, of course. I don’t exactly remember, it was so long ago, it seems like all I have ever known is the bad version of Bargnani.

This is undoubtedly the version of Bargs that the Knicks thought they were getting (again, not including the rebounds, those are an unexpected bonus). They wouldn’t give up Q-Rich and a bunch of picks for a bum who couldn’t play.

It is asking too much for him to perform like this every game, or every other game, or any more than one time per season. We should appreciate the fleeting artistry on display here. “Dirk-esque”, I would say, without even a hint of sarcasm in my voice. Except when have you seen Dirk throw down as hard as Bargnani did tonight?

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