Otto Porter 15 Points/5 Assists Full Highlights (5/5/2015)

Randy Wittman is smarter than we all thought.

There was a reason, after all, that he didn’t play Otto Porter very much until these playoffs. Why reveal your cards before the hand is over? It does no good for other teams to be able to get a reliable scouting report the Ottoman. Play him sparingly, such that he never gets into a rhythm and thus never shows what he can truly do. Make those opposing scouts bring back false information. “Oh, Otto Porter? Don’t worry about him. He sucks. He’s a sucky goggle-eyed bust. DeMar should be able to destroy that loser, no prob.”

What a genius move by Wittman. The Raptors were totally unsuspecting; now they are sitting on their couches drinking maple-syrup-flavored vodka and crying themselves to sleep. The surprise factor should have worn off after that, and the Hawks should have been ready for him. But it is too late. Otto can no longer be held down.

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