Dennis Schröder 18 Points/5 Assists Full Highlights (5/9/2015)

Screw off Paul Pierce. It’s fine when you do it to a team that everyone hates and has an annoying fanbase, like the Raptors. It’s not fine when you do it to a team that hasn’t won it all since 1958 (when they were still in St. Louis), a team with a fanbase who has to suffer endless disappointment distributed evenly amongst their city’s sports teams. I could write a whole description about the anguish of Atlanta fans (Matty Ice LOL), but this is a Dënniß ßchrööder video. You’re here, as a German national, to read about his exploits, not share, even briefly, the torment that Georgians endure on a yearly basis.

So. Dënniß. He was pretty good tonight in the fourth quarter with his passing and driving, coincidentally at the same time as when the Wizards were pretty bad. That means big leads evaporated in minutes, and would-be heroes forged on the anvil of clutchitude. “Would-be”. God dammit Paul Pierce.

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