Tristan Thompson 19 Points Full Highlights (6/14/2015)

I don’t even know who the Cavs’ second-best player in the Finals is. It seems like it’s Tristan Thompson, but the words “Tristan Thompson is the second-best player on a Finals team” have kind of a blasphemous ring to them. Just typing them out makes me feel like Lucifer himself is going to pop out of my keyboard and whisk me away to his infernal lakes of fire. I would rather not admit that Triscuits holds such a title.

It should be Mozgov but David Blatt is afraid to be proactive instead of reactive when it comes to his lineups. It also should be J.R. Smith but that dude is streaky AF. And, of course, it really should be Kyrie Irving or Kevin Love but if those guys were playing then LeBron wouldn’t be getting all these 40-point games and triple-doubles. I’m actually glad they’re both injured.

If Triscuits keeps this up, he’s going to get mega-paid in the offseason. Good for him. If all I could do was grab offensive rebounds and score garbage buckets, I would want a max contract too.

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