Mitchell Wiggins 18 Points Full Highlights (2/1/1990)

It turns out that the summer was getting kind of long over here in DTB-land. Is there always such a long break between summer league and preseason? Damn.

I was kind of losing my marbles a little bit, you know, with nothing to do but stare at my wall and wait for basketball to come back. Hallucinations of scrubs past, scrubs present, and scrubs future haunted my waking hours and invaded the sanctity of my dreams. A couple of days ago, in the increasing chaos of my mind, weary after a long day of wall-gazing, a fully-formed thought shone like a lighthouse in the foggy night: “Why not make highlights of people peeling and slicing fruit?”

Let me tell you friends, “Betty Jacobsen 5 Oranges/2 Papayas Full Fruitlights” wasn’t very compelling. If you are interested anyway, I can shoot you a link to the private video. I just re-watched it and all it did was remind me how much I hate papayas.

This is a little better I think, both for your viewing pleasure and for my own mental health. There are surprisingly few highlights of this guy on the Tubes, considering the imminent beastitude of his son. I mean, you search “Dell Curry” and you get a whole bunch of stuff, but for this guy? Nothing. What’s the deal?

The deal is that Mitchell Wiggins was a forgotten man, barely a footnote in the history of the league, until his son came along. His most noteworthy accomplishment was stuffing so much cocaine up his nose that he got suspended.

Which leads us to this, an average game for him during his 89-90 redemption tour. Freed from the shackles of drug abuse, he cherry-picks his way to 16 points as his son cheers him on. Psych! In reality, the junior Wiggins wasn’t existent at this point, and wouldn’t be for another 5 years. If he was, though, he def would have been cheering.

Sorry about the image quality. I had to deal with the limitations of the source. Pro tip: getting full vintage NBA games sent to you via telegram is probably not the way to do it. Next time I’ll just have the guy fax me the game frame by frame. Can you say 1080p?

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