Nikola Vucevic 26 Points/5 Blocks Full Highlights (10/30/2015)

This video was supposed to be a lot sicker than it is. Vucci Mane was 9/9 in the first half, but only made ONE more field goal in entire second half PLUS two overtimes. I know that teams make defensive adjustments at halftime, and that the Thunder probably didn’t want to get embarrassed anymore, but that’s ridiculous. Vooch should have scored thirty. No, FORTY. He should have scored forty full stop. Instead, the only thing he could do in the second half was get fouled.

I’ve got a proposal for Vucevic if he reads this, which he will, because all NBA players regularly search for themselves on YouTube. Here’s the proposal: at a personal cost of only $500, he can come to my local park and play 1-on-1 with me (2s and 3s to 100) while my mom films it. The resultant highlight reel would be the purest audiovisual record of a scoring juggernaut destroying lesser defenders in human history. It would be way better than this crap that I’m uploading right now. It would be the kind of video where you serialize it to binary and inscribe it on a gold disc which you then blast into space for aliens to find. That’s how sick it would be.

I could even edit out the misses. Such is the extent of my video-editing prowess. The box-score could also be fudged to record only makes for Vooch and only misses for me, if necessary. I fully anticipate playing the whole game without making a shot.

Only $500. How ’bout it Vooch?

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