Bradley Beal 26 Points Full Highlights (10/31/2015)

“Marcin, we need to set some things straight.”

Marcin Gortat looked over to Bradley Beal’s locker. “I agree, Bradley. With new season comes new beginnings and new understandings.”

“So you know what I’m talking about, then,” said Bradley.

Marcin raised his eyebrows. “Actually I am not knowing,” Marcin responded innocently. “Maybe it about how I don’t pass out of post as much as coach and teammates would like me to.”

Bradley shook his head. “It’s not basketball-related at all. It’s actually about – a woman.”

Marcin frowned. “Oh. I didn’t know that you wanted to banging cheerleader…what her name? Oh yeah, Zoey. My relationship with her is not exclusive. If you wish to also banging her, I not argue.”

“Marcin, you dumb pervert, I don’t give a rat’s ass about Zoey or whoever. You know I only have eyes for one woman: Denise! My beautiful Denise. And this year, you’re not going to interfere with my attempts to woo her in the gentlemanly manner that a woman of her caliber deserves.”

Marcin put his hand on his teammate’s shoulder. “My intent was not to interfere. My intent was to allow friend Bradley access into pants of Denise. I make much more progress for you than Bradley does for himself, with his strange ideas of respect and coyness.”

Bradley continued his thought without hearing Marcin’s words. “I just have this weird feeling that in all of my past lives or incarnations or whatever, you were there screwing up my chances with Denise. Like, it’s not just the times you’ve done it in the past few years. It’s been going on forever. Literally. But now it’s going to stop.”

“I understand,” Marcin said sadly. “Bradley want to woo Denise with own methods. He does not want receive advices of well-intentioned Marcin. That fine.” Marcin started to walk away, head drooped towards the floor.

“Hold on, Marcin! I didn’t mean it that way!” Bradley shouted, causing Marcin to turn back around. “We can still hang out and stuff. Just, if Denise ever shows up, just…just don’t do anything stupid, alright?”

Marcin wore a big smile. “Yes, that is fair. No stupid words around Denise.”

Bradley sighed happily. “Good. I feel like this is the year I make my breakthrough.”

“For sure, man.”

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