Otto Porter 16 Points Full Highlights (10/31/2015)

Perfect timing for the Wizards! Just as Nene starts turning into a lazy Brazilian bum, Otto Porter starts turning into a perfect complimentary role-player! The two occurrences should cancel each other out, and Washington should find about the same amount of playoff success this year as they did last.

Took the Ottomaton long enough. I may have been hasty in calling him a bust, but damn, he really didn’t look good at all until about midway through last season.

Now that I think about it, I think I’ve called almost everyone in the Wizards’ starting lineup a bust at some point. I’ve already apologized for John Wall and Otto. I wasn’t writing YouTube descriptions yet, but Marcin Gortat really kind of sucked when he first came into the league. Bust city for that guy. Kris Humphries as well, a little before my time, but also a grade-A buster until he was rediscovered on the Nets. Only Beal has been spared my pen warmed in hell.

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