T.J. McConnell 6 Points/12 Assists Full Highlights (11/2/2015)

Steve Nash. John Stockton. Mark Price. These are all names that come to mind when you think of T.J. McConnell. Bonus comparison for fans of more obscure players: Brad Davis. These players all have two things in common: they all were/are point guards in the NBA, and they all have a distinct lack of melanin in their skin cells.

Yes, T.J. treads the white paths carved by white giants. Can he succeed where others have failed? Nate Wolters walked those same trails, but alas, has succumbed to the rigors of whiteness. We can only hope that T.J. perseveres, and continues to hold the white flame high.

Editor’s note: one of the assists was actually Stauskas, I didn’t show it.

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