Luis Scola 19 Points/1 Three Full Highlights (11/3/2015)

Question: what effect did his stint with the Suns have on Luis Scola?

Hypothesis: the Suns ruined Luis Scola forever when they tried to turn him into a three-point shooter.

Data: Basketball-reference is really screwing me over right now, how would you like it if I errored your internal server you piece of crap. Pending.

Update! Scola made 91 hook shots in the 2009-2010 season, only 40 during his season with the Suns, and a total of 22 in his two seasons with the Pacers.

Conclusion: Scola was one of the sickest post players in the whole league when he was with the Rockets, and now it seems like he never gets to utilize his savvy up-and-unders and hooks. This is because the Suns told him to be a stretch-four instead of a normal-four. One can only hope that he passes some of his arcane post-play knowledge to Jonas Valanciunas before he hangs up the sneakers for good.

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