Emmanuel Mudiay 18 Points/2 Blocks Full Highlights (11/9/2015)

Emmanuel Mudiay is suffering in the normal ways of a rookie point guard. He can’t shoot with any sort of efficiency, so he compensates by shooting a lot. Gotta score somehow! He can pass it pretty well, both to his own team and to the other team in about equal measures.

And that’s all okay. Michael Carter-Williams won ROTY doing that sort of stuff. As long as he gets his shooting percentage above 40, teases his assist-to-turnover ratio away from 1/1, and smashes Jahlil Okafor’s kneecap with a billy club, he should follow in MCW’s turnover-prone footsteps.

Also, beating the reigning champs in the first game of the season while getting a near quadruple-double would have helped. That ship has pretty well sailed, if it even arrived in the first place. Beating the Rockets by 20 is pretty good though!

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