Nikola Jokic 10 Points Full Highlights (11/9/2015)

I just googled what time it is right now in Serbia: roughly 2:30 in the afternoon. I don’t understand how timezones work so I’m just going to assume Google is right on this one. In my opinion we should get rid of timezones because all this magical time-travel mumbo-jumbo is pissing me off. What happens if you run really fast backwards across the timezones? You cause temporality inconsistencies. Every time I tell this to a scientist they laugh at me. Anyway, I got off track a little bit there. Back to Serbia.

So in just a few short hours people in Serbia will be getting home from their jobs in the factories or whatever they do in Serbia, and they will be ready to be placated by media until they go to sleep. Depending on whether or not there are militia-enforced curfews in Serbia, that’s anywhere between four and six hours for the people Of Serbia to watch Nikola Jokic highlights. That’s a long time!

The point is, I want this video primed with at least 250 views before the Serbians see it. That way, they know that Americans and western Europeans share their love for the Jokster. I’m trying to build international goodwill here. I still feel bad a little bit about the whole Balkan War thing.

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