Jeremy Lamb 18 Points/1 Poster Dunk Full Highlights (11/10/2015)

When I first saw that contract that the Hornets just gave Jeremy Lamb, you can imagine my reaction.

That’s right: I did that confusion-indicating head-tilt thing that dogs do when their owner asks if they want to go for walkies. Except instead of the prospect of fun exercise with my human, I was faced with what seemed to be a bloated contract for a marginal player.

Note how I didn’t say that it was necessarily a BAD contract. Just seemed like a little much, that’s all. And now Lamb is paying dividends in the form of hot shooting streaks and the occasional poster smush.

I didn’t see this coming, and I foresee a lot of things. There was only the scantest of evidence that Lamb would ever be a reliable offensive player, not to mention what he does or doesn’t do on the defensive end. How did the Hornets, probably one of the worst talent-evaluators in the league, get this one right?

Don’t answer Michael Jordan. That would be wrong. You are wrong.

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