Zach LaVine 25 Points Full Highlights (11/15/2015)

How much veteran wisdom do you think Kevin Garnett dispenses on a daily basis? Is it like a wisdom trickle, or a wisdom torrent? He obviously has a lot of it to share, since he’s the vettest vet in the whole league, but if I were him, I’d guard my secrets carefully and only divulge at them at supremely appropriate times.

I can’t tell how much of an impact having a wizened NBA elder on his team has had on Zach Lavine. He seems like the perfect candidate to benefit greatly from suckling on Garnett’s teat of experience. It might be working, as he doesn’t look AS bad this year, despite the Timberwolves trying yet again to shoehorn him into the point-guard position, which didn’t work last year and isn’t really working this year.

Actually, Andre Miller’s veteran savvy might be a lot more valuable than Garnett’s. Who better to teach a non-PG the ways of the PG than a maybe Hall-of-Fame PG? Scratch that. A LEGIT Hall-of-Fame PG.

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