Kristaps Porzingis 29 Points Full Highlights (11/17/2015)

In honor of Kristaps Porzingis scoring an impressive 29 points, I have compiled a list of all known facts about his home country of Latvia.

-Is Kristaps Porzingis’ home country.
-One of Tallinn, Riga, or Vilnius is the capital city.
-Not nearly as messed up as some of those other former Soviet states.
-I’m pretty sure it’s Vilnius now that I think about it.
-Or Riga.
-They have a culture.
-Rye bread? I’m thinking yes.
-Did I mention Kristaps yet?
-The demonym for a resident of Latvia is “Latvian”.
-That’s also the name of their language, funny how that works sometimes.

And that’s it! All known facts about Latvia. Archaeologists have been working tirelessly to find more; I’ll update this list when they do!

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