Karl-Anthony Towns 21 Points/6 Blocks Full Highlights (11/18/2015)

Hello Minnesota Timberwolves,

I am writing to register my interest in applying for your “fan” position. I think I have the qualifications you are looking for in a fan of your team.

For one thing, I am a very skilled cheerer. When someone on a favored sports team does something good, I am the first to start clapping and saying “yeah”. I do not do such things when the favored sports team does something not good. I know when and when not to cheer.

I also have experience in buying team merchandise. If a team’s logo is placed on a t-shirt, and I am a fan of the team whose logo it is, then I will buy a copy of the shirt, no questions asked. The same goes for hats, and hoodies also. Jersey-purchasing is not my strong suit, but I believe that with time I could also become proficient at that aspect of fandom.

I enjoy watching Karl-Anthony Towns Play, as should any dedicated Timberwolves fan. He is an exciting young player, and I would be thrilled if you let me have the opportunity to watch him develop as a player on my number-one team, rather than as just another exciting young player.

Please consider me for the position. Thank you for your time.


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