Ed Davis 17 Points/15 Rebounds Full Highlights (11/20/2015)

Shilling for McDonalds’ food products is a plague which is overtaking NBA commentary crews nationwide. First it was the Jazz commentators talking about how much they love McFlurries even though a neutral third party would doubtlessly find the consuption of a McFlurry akin to eating a bowl of wallpaper paste. Now it’s the Blazers commentators pumping up McDonalds’ new all-day breakfast even though it sucks.

The all-day breakfast doesn’t even count because it’s not the full breakfast menu. That’s like if Burger King said they had their lunch menu all day just because you can order a Whopper at 5:00 AM if you want. But that’s not even what I’m mad about. Neither am I mad about the fact that some senile old man on TV likes the sausage McMuffin with egg. People are allowed to have opinions.

Okay, I admit, that makes me a little mad because egg is for losers.

The real disgusting thing here is that the Blazers are owned by Paul Allen, who’s a billionaire, but somebody somewhere in the organization decided that they needed to make more money by shilling for McDonald’s during every broadcast.

I hope somebody kicks Paul Allen in the nards. Then I’d really be “lovin’ it”.

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