Ish Smith 17 Points/13 Assists Full Highlights (11/20/2015)

More god damn Ish Smith highlights. I am now one-hundred percent convinced that aliens abducted Ish Smith and Steve Nash, took all the basketball skills out of Nash and put them into Smith, and sent them both back to Earth so that the Pelicans could make the playoffs and Ish could be an All-Star. It’s like that show “Ancient Aliens” except instead of the aliens manipulating stuff a long time ago, they’re manipulating stuff in the present day.

Part one of their nefarious plan isn’t working right now, but it’s not because Ish Smith is not playing at an All-Star level (fight me IRL). He keeps having good games, so either he’s putting up the emptiest stats ever or his team (yes, I said “his team”, it’s his team now whether you like it or not move over AD) is crapping the bed around him. Which is it? When considering your answer, remember this: the concept of empty stats is fundamentally flawed and should never be used ever.

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