Luis Scola 20 Points Full Highlights (11/22/2015)

The big news surrounding Luis Scola is his supposed title of “Strongest Man in Raptors History”, earned when he benched 265, surpassing all other player’s measurements. That’s great! I did not imagine that a not-exactly-all-that-toned guy like Coca Scola would hold such a title.

But is 265 even really that much? Doesn’t seem like a whole heck of a lot to me. I haven’t touched a weight since high school, but I can’t imagine that I would do much worse than that. My cat, Japurri Purrker, is a bit of a tubby kitty, and weighs in at around 20 pounds. He likes to be picked up and scritched, and it’s no problem for me when he desires such. I seriously bet I could pick up 10 of him at the same time, plus a few more of him sprinkled on top. No problem.

Now if the Raptors would just sign me to a 10-day, I could add another title to my already impressive list.

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