Mason Plumlee 17 Points Full Highlights (11/22/2015)

Is it too late to fix Mason Plumlee’s free throws? I’m getting Shaq flashbacks (Flashshaqs?) here. Plumlee acts like he’s going to shoot it normally with two hands, but at the last second, his guide hand goes away and he just one-hands it.

His borked form worked for him this game, but I’m doubtful that any one-handed free throw shooter has ever been reliable at making the damn things. Why didn’t his AAU coach or his high school coach step in and put a stop to this? Because he can dunk and it would be easier to let him dominate midgets and not worry about how he shoots free throws like an amputee?

I officially volunteer to be Plumlee’s free throw coach. I shoot upwards of 70% when I’m at the park by myself and get in a rhythm, less in game situations. I think that means I possess the qualifications necessary to work with NBA players on their free throws.

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