J.R. Smith 26 Points Full Highlights (11/23/2015)

I don’t get to make Cavaliers highlights as much as I used to, ever since they got a big three and said big three started doing all the scoring. I have to be content with the occasional Delly or J.R. Spliff highlights, maybe some James Jones thrown in on the side. Never Tristan Thompson, though. I hate that guy.

Have I even done Cavaliers highlights yet this season? I don’t exactly remember. Only thing I know for sure is, damn, Austin Carr sounds just as dumb as ever. Like he’s constantly teetering on the edge of total senescence. Him mumbling “deep in the Q” over and over contrasts starkly with the championship aspirations of the team he commentates for. I guess since they went so far into the luxury for Tristan Thompson, they don’t have any money to pay a guy who doesn’t exhibit early signs of dementia.

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