Matthew Dellavedova 15 Points/9 Assists Full Highlights (11/23/2015)

Matthew “Wacky Delly” Dellavedova turned a lot of heads in last year’s finals. Suddenly, people other than Australians knew who he was! How did Matthew benefit from this newfound recognition?

-He doesn’t even need to put on his fake Australian accent to get girls to sleep with him
-People refer to him as “Curry Killer”, but only when he scarfs down a whole curry at an Indian restaurant
-He’s white
-His teammates know how to say his complete last name when prompted, instead of just saying “Delly”
-Backup point guards across the league have nightmares about being defended by him
-He was able to force Kyrie Irving into early retirement through sheer confidence and is now the starter
-Abo bogan barbie down-under mate

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