Robert Covington Career High 28 Points/8 Steals Full Highlights (11/27/2015)

Story of the 76ers season: at the end of tonight’s game against the Rockets the commentator says “Another heartbreaking loss!” as the camera cuts to a shot of a smirking Isaiah Canaan.

Not so heartbreaking, is it? Really makes one think…

Alright, I’m done with the conspiracy theories. Lets talk about the concrete, the observable, the factual. Robert Covington had a career-high 28 points tonight. That is a fact, so much so that you can write it down in your household book of facts right between “Sheeps are cute” and “DownToBuck’s net worth is in excess of 1 million dollars”. Just jam it right in there.

Robert Covington also recorded 8 steals. Another fact! If you’re having trouble finding space for that one, there’s usually some space on the margins of page 277. At least, that’s how it is in the average American household book of facts. Don’t believe me? It’s right there on page 632. Check for yourself.

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