Jabari Parker 16 Points/5 Dunks Full Highlights (2/1/2016)

A descriptor like “five dunks” makes this video sound a lot more exciting that it actually is. I’m going to put that right up front so you guys have a chance to read it before you watch the video itself, because, believe me, if you watch this vid with visions of sick whamjams playing in your mind, you’re going to be really disappointed. You might even unsubscribe. I want to manage expectations here.

Okay, to be fair to Jabari, the first dunk is pretty sick. Not enough players are performing power-pump two-handed hop-step whams these days. But the last dunk was so underwhelming that the official NBA-appointed statisticans witnessing it called it a “layup” instead. If somebody mistakes your dunk for a layup, or purposely miscategorizes it as such, that means that you need to up the power level on your dunks fivefold. No exceptions granted to those coming back from knee surgery.

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