Shane Larkin 8 Points/14 Assists Full Highlights (2/1/2016)

When was the last time a player as not good as Shane Larkin tallied 14 assists in a single contest? Turns out, pretty recently, if you happen to hold the out-of-date opinion that Ish Smith is worse than Shane Larkin. If you don’t hold that opinion, we have to go back further.

Randy Foye is pretty bad. So is Kendall Marshall. Aaron Brooks? Despite their badness, I’d say all these players, at least when they got their 14-assist games, were better than Larkin is right now. Brian Roberts, you know, eh… wait a minute. Hold on. Just HOLD ON.

You’re telling me that A.J. Price picked up a baker’s dozen plus one assists while he was with Washington early in the 2012-13 season? What? Where was John Wall when that was going on? More importantly, why didn’t I make highlights? I had already made like 20 videos by that time, I should have detected the anomalous performance as it was happening.

Anyway, consider this mystery solved. Shane Larkin is the worst player since A.J. Price to dish 14 dimes in a single game. Everyone go home.

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