Frank Kaminsky 15 Points Full Highlights (2/3/2016)

I think it’s unfair that some players get to be listed as seven feet tall just because their heads are stretched out. That’s called privilege and people shouldn’t be allowed to abuse it by being thought of as seven-footers even if their wingspan is super short. If you look at a picture of Frank Kaminsky his head is about 50% forehead, if not more. His facial features are all squished down by his chin. If he had a normal-size head the Hornets would probably play him at small forward if he even got drafted, which he probably wouldn’t. He would have to play in Japan where everybody is short.

Meyers Leonard has this privilege too, although in his case it’s more because his neck as two times longer than a normal human’s. It’s like a giraffe neck. These guys need to check their fake-height privilege before I come over there and forcibly check it for them.

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