E’Twaun Moore 17 Points/7 Assists Full Highlights (2/6/2016)

How many good games does E’Twaun Moore have to have before Stacey King comes up with a catchphrase for him? Or has such a catchphrase already been devised and I’m just not watching enough Bulls games to ever hear it? Phrases such as “give me the hot sauce E’Twaun” or “table for three Mr. Moore your table is ready” do not count because they can be applied to every player.

My guess is that E’Twaun would need to have four good games out of his next seven for Stacey King to start working on original material for him. I’m sort of hoping that doesn’t happen because that would mean four more Moore videos, and I would get pretty tired of it by the end. Can somebody tell Hoiberg to start giving Moore some more DNP-CD’s?

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