Karl-Anthony Towns 35 Points Full Highlights (2/10/2016)

Have you ever been so hyped that you passed out for a little bit?

I saw Karl-Anthony Towns had 35 points, and I immediately started getting really hyped. Like, really really. I tried to stand up to go tell the how Latina chick in the apartment above mine about what happened because, you know, she might not be aware and she has a nice ass, and I made it about two steps before dizzily toppling over onto the carpet. I stared at the ceiling for a bit, and next thing I know, I’m back in my computer chair with a brewski in hand, the highlights of Towns’ career-high performance rendering happily. Also I had taken everything out of my refrigerator and arranged it on my desk.

So if these highlights seem a little messed up, it’s because I wasn’t actually conscious while making them. Or maybe I was. Hard to tell. I’m still coming down from the overhype episode.

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