Robert Covington Career High 29 Points/7 Threes Full Highlights (2/10/2016)

In any NBA season where Stephen Curry was not a participant, 7 threes would be a notable occurence. People would get excited for it, and people would consider the player who hit so many threes to be one of the premiere shooters in the league.

But in an NBA season where Stephen Curry IS a participant, 7 threes seems pretty lame. Not notable at all. Wayne Ellington did it, and no one cared. Bojan Bogdanovic did it as well, and the only people who cared were Croatians. Robert Covington, due to his status as “baller for the 76ers”, has fewer fans than even these fringe NBA players. Him hitting 7 threes will result in no additional exposure.

I still like him, though. Him and his forehead wrinkles.

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