Dennis Schröder 25 Points/10 Assists Full Highlights (2/20/2016)

Dënniß ßchrööder proved in this game that the Hawks don’t even really need Jeff Teague anymore. There were rumors that the Hawks wanted to move Teague and you can see why: ßchrööder has emerged from the slump which engulfed him at the start of the season to reclaim his throne as the best backup point guard in the league. If Teague died tomorrow the Hawks wouldn’t even be that much worse. Except they traded their third-string PG.

What I don’t get is why the Hawks wanted to trade Horford. Even if you’re never going to make it out of the East thanks to LeBron and co., why would you want to blow up a team that just went to the ECF a season ago? ßchrööder is the only young piece they have to build around (unless you consider Mike Muscala a “young piece”) so a rebuild would take a long time to work.

I’m so smart at all this GM’ing stuff that it’s sort of weird that I don’t have some sort of front-office job yet.

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