Ricky Rubio 9 Points/16 Assists Full Highlights (2/20/2016)

Supposedly the Bucks were trying to acquire Ricky Rubio during the lead-up to the trade deadline. That would’ve been fine by me, I’m used to PGs who can’t shoot by this point, and at least Ricky can actually pass (how Milwaukee managed to get one who can do neither is a total mystery).

The only problem was that the T-Wolves kept asking for Khris Middleton in return. No. You guys can have MCW, you can definitely have Bayless, or Ennis, hell, you can take your pick of any combination of players from the Bucks’ roster as long as their names are not Middleton, Giannis, or Jabari. Don’t talk to me about “fair value”. I don’t care.

There are signs that Minnesota is nearing the end of its tolerance for Ricky. The commentators (likely mouthpieces of the organization) kept ragging on him during this game, even though he was racking up hella dimes. The fact that they were even willing to entertain trading him is telling. There is only so much shot-bricking that one team can take before the grass starts looking greener on all sides of the fence except for the one where they currently reside, even if it’s the greenest they’re gonna find.

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