Jae Crowder Career High 27 Points Full Highlights (2/22/2016)

Jae Crowder: big shot taker/maker?

According to Celtics commentator/living legend Brian Scalabrine, yes! He mentions it a whole bunch of times in this video. So many times that I feel like I should take him at his word on the matter. I mean, he knows a thing or two about taking and making big shots. Real recognize real.

But I just don’t feel like he’s right on this one. I haven’t gotten the sense at any point during Jae’s tenure with Boston that he is especially talented in the clutch, or at crucial junctures in the game. At all. Are there a whole bunch of game-winners that he’s hit that I’m just forgetting about? He hit one, I know, and had maybe a handful of other clutch moments, but a single actual game-winner doesn’t a Big Shot Rob make.

Feel free to correct me. I enjoy being wrong. There are probably some advanced stats out there that paint Jae to be a super-clutch big-balled mofo, making DownToBuck look like a pimple-faced hater who hates on the Celtics all the time because he is filled with hate at the universe.

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