Jabari Parker 22 Points Full Highlights (2/25/2016)

Something switched on for Jabari Parker after the All-Star break. Whether it was a moment of introspection where he realized “Damn I’m the 2nd overall pick I’d better start shooting some shots” or whether Jason Kidd sat down to think about where the Bucks went wrong and realized “Damn Jabari you’re the 2nd overall pick you’d better start shooting some shots”, Jabari is now a far more aggressive player scoring-wise than he was earlier in the season. To illustrate, he had only one 20-point performance in his 48 games leading up to the break. Since then, in 4 games, he has had 3 20-point performances.

I still take Myles Turner over him, though. If Jabari wants to get back in my good graces, he has to start taking and canning long jumpers more regularly. This vid is almost all layups and dunks (and free throws), which are cool, but not as cool as flinging the ball from 20 feet away and seeing it somehow go in.

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