Mirza Teletovic 30 Points Full Highlights (2/25/2016)

Man, I wish the Bucks had pulled the trigger on some sort of deal for Mirza Teletovic. There were rumors, so this isn’t just me freaking out because the Bucks suck and Mirza keeps putting up good games. If I was the GM, I would’ve given the Suns anyone whose name wasn’t Giannis, Jabari, Khris, or First Rounder for the Bosnian Bomber. They need shooting in the very worst way, especially shooting in the form of “I don’t care I’m going to hoist another one up might as well we’re not winning anyway”.

Since he’s still stuck in Phoenix, I can guess that we’re going to be seeing a lot more of this type of performance from Teletovic in the coming months. The Suns are an injured mess devoid of scoring talent, and Teletovic has never been shy about putting up shots. The perfect storm for him to average 20 from here on out. Hell, maybe he can be 6th man of the Year or something if he gets a couple 40-burgers in before the season ends. Maybe even 50. Did I say 50? I meant 60. Make it happen, Suns.

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