Norman Powell 17 Points Full Highlights (4/2/2016)

We are soon going to be faced with this terrifying reality: Norman Powell playing a big role in the playoffs for the Raptors.

Alright, maybe “terrifying” isn’t the right word. So what. And maybe I meant it in that it would be terrifying for opposing teams. Never thought of that, huh? Maybe think next time before getting all angry. Jeez.

Anyway, if you claimed at the half-way point of the season that Powell would be a factor for Toronto in the postseason, you would be called crazy. Hell, even at the beginning of the season, when fans are most overhyped about their rookies. There was no point where people were thinking “This Powell dude is sure gonna be the x-factor once the games start meaning something.” At most, they thought he could carve out some minutes in garbage time. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe there was a whole contingent of Raptors fans who sincerely believed that Normal Powenn was gonna be legit, but I haven’t seen it.

Thanks, DeMarre Carroll, for allowing Powell to have this opportunity. You really pulled the wool over the Raptors’ eyes, didn’t you?

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