Enes Kanter 28 Points Full Highlights (4/23/2016)

“Man, why do you look so sad?” Anthony Morrow asked, as he sat next to a morose Enes Kanter. “You dominated them!”

“Yes, but Jesseca is still in Utah, and I am here alone,” Enes replied.

“Christ, you’re still hung up on that broad? Didn’t you start hooking up with the Thunder cheerleaders yet? It’s been way over a year now.”

“She is not broad. She is beautiful woman inside and outside,” Enes said sadly, unable to muster any anger at Anthony’s comments.

Anthony sighed. “Fine. Okay. We’ll play by your rules. Just text her and tell her that you want to bang her. Now that you’re getting paid hella cash, she’ll drop everything to come see you if she thinks there’s even a chance that she can get hitched to you and steal all your money.”

“Jesseca would not do such thing. Pure is her heart like mountain stream.” But Enes had taken out his phone and had begun composing a text.

“Good man,” Anthony said, clapping Enes on the shoulder. “If just words aren’t working, send her a picture of your Turkish Delight. That’ll get her going. And if THAT doesn’t work, I’m telling you man, these Thunder cheerleaders are ready to go at a moment’s notice. No lie.”

Enes was concentrating on his phone so hard that he didn’t look up or respond. Finally, he wrote something he considered suitable, and hit “send”.


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